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About me

About me

My Name is Harsh Agarwal. I am 31 years old. I am Freelance Tour Leader/ Escort/Guide/Photographer.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Travel and Photography go hand in hand. My passion for exploring the country and traveling to different places all over the country brought me with the zeal of becoming a tour guide. Gaining the knowledge and experience of different places, cultures and heritage became my instinct.

My Focus is on


Photo Sessions

I believe in sharing my Travel experiences and explorations through my photos. For me in every Photo there is a Story to narrate

Hours Worked

For me Traveling and Photography simplify “the Freedom” its like stripping down to just Myself .






I am Explorer

I am living my dreams of traveling with my Camera that allows me to capture the Hidden and the most astonishing beauties of the World.

I love Travel

With my grown up age I realized that my life is meant for “Traveling” and with passage of time I mixed it up with my Photography passion.

I Capture Moments

My life is presented now in terms of composition, saturation, lenses, colors and travelogue.

Love for the exploration got me into capturing the country's heritage

My Work is selected by Photography and travel magazines like Asian Photography, better photography & Indian talent, as well as by newspaper, journals & regional tourism department ( Uttar Pradesh tourism) for their calendar and promotions.

In 2016 I won 2nd prize in “I-Click” photography competition in street category & also one of the finalists in Camerana academy in 2016.

For Travel & Photography Tours

Life has turned out amazing as a tour guide and photographer and I wish to explore as much as possible