Taj Mahal Photoshoot

If a wonderful photo shoot at the Taj Mahal has been your dream forever, then surely this is all that you need to keep in mind. While we all know that the Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, what can be better than this jewel with beautiful lush gardens and scenic views.  Nestled along the banks of river Yamuna, this white wonder offers candid pictures without many add-ons. What else would be a more magical photoshoot destination than the exquisite marble structure in Agra that completes a beautiful picture of India? So get ready to fall in love with stunning pictures of you with a living example of eternal love in a backdrop from 3 splendid locations.

Taj Mahal itself from inside: Handcrafted flawlessly, the white mausoleum tells different stories and expresses various emotions. Out of the many matchless spots, Diana bench, reflecting pool and through arch are 3 major spots that can make your photoshoot appear straight from a fairytale. 

Taj Mahal from the riverside by boat: Imagine yourself sailing on the river in a traditional boat while you continue to explore the sparkling jewel on the azure ground from various poses! Wake up and make this dream a reality. Although it’s unofficial to sail it’s worth boarding it once. Reflection of the Taj Mahal in a river in the morning makes it a lifetime experience to cherish. Don’t forget that the riverside is covered immediately after the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal from sunset point: It’s a small area from where you get beautiful silhouettes with the Taj Mahal. The ideal time is to start from your hotel approximately 2 hours before the sunset. Enjoy a long walk of 1 km approximately that too of one side. So photoshoot from this location is ideal for couples or solo shoots only.

Choose any point and we can assure you that you will have the best photographs that you won’t resist flaunting ever.

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Taj Mahal Photo Shoot Charges

Charges for Taj mahal Photo Shoot

  • Charges for 3 Locations (Taj Mahal, Boat, and Sunset location) will be 18k  INR. All-Inclusive. ( All Raw compressed & 50+ Edited Images will be provided digitally)
  • Charges for 2 Locations ( Taj Mahal and Boat) will be 14k INR all Inclusive ( All Raw compressed & 40+ Edited Images will be provided digitally.
  • Charges for 1 Location Taj Mahal only will be 10k INR all Inclusive (All Raw compressed & 30+ Edited Images will be provided digitally)
  • 2k INR will be charged if you need a video made from photos. This Slide show will be a bit advanced and will be ideal to play in any function or on screens.
  • For Foreigners, an additional 1k INR is payable for locations 1.

Other Details

  • The prices are non-negotiable.
  • It’s advisable to keep your profile low while visiting the taj mahal. Avoid wearing flashy clothes, including heavy Lehangas, or sherwanis.
  • The Prices include all the expenses, fees & charges required for the shoot.
  • Taj Mahal complex entry is also inclusive only for Indian Nationals. If guests intend to visit the Taj Mahal Mausoleum part then an additional 200 INR per person needs to be paid.
  • All Raw compressed Images will be delivered within 48 hrs of the shoot and edited ones will share via google drive in 7-8 Days.
  • Do let us know if you need a taxi from Delhi Airport to Agra and we can suggest some accommodation close to the hotel
  • An advance of 1k is required for booking the shoot. The remaining amount needs to be paid once the shoot is done.
  • You can pay the amount via Cash/Paytm/UPI or by any online platform. 
  • A maximum 15 min delay is acceptable in the morning. If I don’t hear from you then I will consider it cancel.
  • During the shoot, if I feel uncomfortable for any reason, eg- Rude behavior, unaccepted poses, delay etc,  I hold the right to call off the shoot straight away.

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