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Photography is an art
It’s about finding extra-ordinary
In an ordinary place

An explorer cum awarded photographer, Harsh Agarwal is best described as a down-to-earth person who can bring the best out of anything. He firmly believes that photography is an art and it’s all about finding extra-ordinary at an ordinary place.

His passion for exploring India and traveling to different places worldwide brought in him a zeal of becoming a tour guide. Extremely jolly by nature, he started his carrier as a tour guide in 2006. As a result, he is brilliantly leading tours since 2008. His travel journal includes his amazing experiences of leading photography tours in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.




Harsh Agarwal

Talking particularly about India, Harsh has organized and lead photography tours in Leh and Ladakh, captured all hues of Lathmar Holi in Barsana, covered Kumbh Mela, trailed behind tigers during exclusive wildlife tours, cherished Pushkar Mela, clicked lost tribes of India and much more.

An enthusiastic Nikon user, he is doing photography since 2013 and is a keen contributor to Nat Geo. His dedicated work or should it be said his astoundingly captured images along with his interviews have been published many times in Asian Photography Magazine, newspapers including The Times of India, exhibitions, etc. Besides this, his work has also made it all the way to ICCR an international webinar inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Needless to say, Harsh Agarwal is a hodophile who passionately shows his love for exploring India via his professional photography. Gaining knowledge and experience of different places, cultures and heritage have led him to travel far and near. While doing so, he never forgets to capture the beauty and unforgettable moments through his lens.

His resolution to succeed has been further fortified by his wife Mrs Arti Agrawal, who started off as a Spanish speaking tour leader and now they lead their expeditions together like perfect Travel duo.Over time Arti also started enjoying travel photography and took to assist Harsh in his shoots and making travel videos. They both started enjoying their traveling life and decided to explore new places and help other willing travellers explore exotic destinations in the same passionate manner as they did. 

Harsh Arti

Exclusive Prints

Your quest for exclusive prints ends here! Check out a remarkable collection of distinctive photos clicked in different parts of Asia. Whether you want to show your artistic taste or just wish to make your interior décor look alive, these high-quality pictures will work wonders for you. An award-winning photographer, Harsh Agarwal has worked hours to capture these images that look straight out of a postcard. 

A flawless outcome of hard work, patience and dedication, this unique collection is sure to awestruck you. Choose from a wide range of striking portraits, wildlife photography, travel, adventure, city architecture and equine photography and get all the praises accompanied by those head-turning stares from anyone who looks at them.

From roaring tiger in the wild to astonishing Taj Mahal, from exclusive Marwari horse soaking in the sunshine to extremely hospitable Rabari tribe showcasing a true side of India, you can choose any image to make it a part of your home. Place them in your office, living room, drawing room or simply add it to your collection, you will be left spoilt for choice. Harsh has captured and chosen each one of them very carefully. 

Browse through an expansive library of visuals that you won’t find anywhere else. Select different themes curated specially for you. Choose from monochromes have a beautiful print hanging on your wall. Anything you wish for can be found here easily.

Photo Tours

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to explore all your dream destinations in India and abroad and capture them in a frame. Embark on unforgettable photo tours offered by Harsh himself. From India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam to Cambodia, you will travel all across with an expert tour guide and professional photographer by your side.

Create unforgettable memories and join Harsh on a photographic adventure. You will be left amused once you travel with him. Just like Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on him, Harsh decided to share his limitless ocean of knowledge and experiences after extensively traveling across the country. From there, popped up the idea of offering photography tours and memorable holidays in India and abroad to anyone and everyone who shares the same passion for exploration and photography.

Under his expert guidance, you will master the art of capturing exceptional photographs at different parts. All the itineraries are carefully planned and a complete route is put together keeping all the minute details in mind. All your needs are taken care of. To add icing to the cake, you are given all the freedom to customize any tour as per your wish. Several wonderful voyages offering various experiences await you!

To make your experience more wonderful, Harsh also provides exciting wonderful packages at two of his meticulously developed websites The Wildlife Tour and Indian Maharaja Tours. Explore wild trails, spot endangered species and enjoy an adventurous expedition. Browse through a wide range of wildlife voyages available at https://thewildlifetour.com/. For other cultural holidays and photography tours in India and abroad, visit https://indianmaharajatours.com/.


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I am an Explorer

I am living my dreams of travelling with my Camera that allows me to capture the Hidden and the most astonishing beauties of the World.

I Love Travel

With my grown-up age, I realized that my life is meant for “Traveling” and with the passage of time I mixed it up with my Photography passion.

I Capture Moments

My life is presented now in terms of composition, saturation, lenses, colors and travelogue.

Love for the exploration got me into capturing the country’s heritage

My Work is selected by Photography and travel magazines like Asian Photography, better photography & Indian talent, as well as by newspaper, journals & regional tourism department ( Uttar Pradesh tourism) for their calendar and promotions.

In 2016 I won 2nd prize in “I-Click” photography competition in street category & also one of the finalists in Camerana academy in 2016.

For Travel & Photography Tours

Life has turned out amazing as a tour guide and photographer and I wish to explore as much as possible

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